ECOWAS Trade Promotion Tool Reaches Gambian Manufacturers

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In its continued commitment to promote Gambian-made products, the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry is about to introduce a new trade promotion opportunities management system called SIGOA-TOPS.

Expected to be introduced by the first quarter of this year SIGOA-TOPS, a French acronym for Trade Opportunities, is an efficient trade promotion tool designed by ECOWAS to boost the volume and flow of trade in goods and services between its West African member countries.

According to Mrs. Beatrice Prom, Communications Officer at the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this constitutes a geo-economic bloc of more than 250 million consumers, and between the ECOWAS sub-region and the rest of the world.

As national correspondents for SIGOA-TOPS, Mrs. Prom added that the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry communicates with economic operators around the world information on trade opportunities offered by national enterprises.

The Chamber also acts as the link between enterprises and the regional focal point at the ECOWAS community computer centre in Lome, Togo, she said, adding that the Chamber also plans to start up this initiative with manufacturers.

Author: By Baboucarr Senghore
Source: The Point