Mam Sait Ceesay Former Press officer Saved By A Question mark

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In delivering his ruling on Monday 19th May 2008, Senior Magistrate kayode told the court that it is confirmed that the text message sent by Mam Sait Ceesay has a question mark at the end, regarding the replacement of JT Brown as Press Officer at the president’s office. Mam Sait was standing trial for false publication regarding the replacement of JT by Alex Dacoster as press officer president’s office.

Magistrate Kayode asked “cant it be said that the text message constitutes a publication or broadcasting or simply a request for information?  He said it is facts a question mark at the end of every sentence denote nothing but a question seeking information or clarification.

He said when Dr. Saja Taal as the Managing Director of the Daily Observer hurriedly published with the caption JT Kujabi Replaced; he was publishing a false and distorted version of a question recovered from the accused. Magistrate said he found it is both surprising and shocking that the police, having investigated the case, have read the text message, decided to chase shadows when Dr Taal the substance was there to be chased.                                                    

“I have no doubt that both Ousman Darboe and Dr.Taal both of who have read the text of the accused and decided to author and publish the said text by removing the question mark at the end . These are the two who acted willfully, negligently and recklessly to make a false publication of the accused’s incomplete text message. Based on all the above I reach the conclusion that there is no iota of evidence linking the accused with the alleged offence.

The accused was therefore acquitted and discharged.   

Author: Mariam Ceesay AVU Student
Source: Court