APRC candidate declared winner in by-election

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Following announcement of the date of by-elections in a handful of constitutions, the Independent Electoral Commission has issued a release, announcing the declaration on results of nomination in the local government by-election in Misera Ward, Basse Area Council.

The release announced Mr Ganna Camara as having been duly nominated, on the ticket of the APRC party, for the position of councillor for Misera.

This, the release further stated, had been done in accordance with Section 52 of Decree 78 of 1996. It went on to say that in accordance with Section 53 (1) A, Alhaji Mustapha L Carayol, chairman of the Commission, therefore declared Mr Ganna Camara unopposed, and therefore duly elected to the position of Councillor for Misera Ward in the Basse Area Council, on 13th October, 2008.

Author: DO