Magistrate summons NIA

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Magistrate Lamin George of the Banjul Magistrates Court, yesterday, gave orders for the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) to produce the ‘cautionary statement’ of Oley Sey, ex-nominated member of the National Assembly. Oley Sey is facing charges of conspiracy to commit felony and stealing with her co-accused person, Abdouraman Bah, coordinator of the James Junkung Jammeh Nursery School in Abuko.

The magistrate’s decision followed submissions and counter-submissions made by both the defence counsel, Lamin Camara, and the prosecution officer, Inspector Keita.

Magistrate Lamin George ruled that given the present circumstances, and in the interest of justice and fair play, the Authority of National Intelligence Agency should produce the cautionary statement made by Oley Sey on 7th August 2008. He ordered the NIA  to produce the said statement on the next adjourned date, 8th October 2008.

It could be recalled that Oley Sey, in her evidence in chief during the last  session, had informed the court that she had written a statement on 7th August, 2008, at the NIA  Headquarters, which was summarised by an officer who obtained a cautionary statement from her. The defence counsel had applied for the prosecution to produce the said statement in order to tender it, but the prosecution officer had denied the existence of such a statement.

Author: by Sanna Jawara, Salifu Touray