Rhythm launches free website design product

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rhythm is happy and proud to announce the release of a new product: .geographical media which revolutionizes the world of website design.

.geographical media is a new tool with the highest technological standard to build and manage modern, highly efficient and unique websites. It enables individuals and businesses, IT-experts as well as people with basic computer skills to build individual standout websites, tie them into a growing network and manage content and design changes independently. Forget the days when you had to contact your webmaster to make a small design change or change a link. Everything is easily managed and accessible by the site owner – you.

Uploading blog posts, photos, news articles, real estate properties, business listings or sending newsletter to your own community are only a few of the features .geographical media offers.

Easy to use drag-and-drop tools and clicking through the big library of colors, features and photos with instantly viewable design changes make web designing fun and enjoyable, even if you are not experienced. The motto is: If you can send an email then you can build a website with .geographical media! You can choose one of the designs in the library or completely start from scratch. The system is self-explanatory with additional help support if needed.

All .geographical media sites are integrated into one big and steadily growing network, allowing the content to flow between sites according to relevance. This guarantees maximum exposure to your uploaded content and an interesting and dynamic experience for the users.

All content on .geographical media is searchable by geographical location so users get information from different categories (photos, news, properties etc.) for the spot (region/city/village etc.) they are most interested in. Just imagine you read an article about your home town and then find additional photos, real estate properties and blog posts right there!

Getting a new and stand-alone website findable on the net takes time and patience. That’s true. But with .geographical media you will start receiving traffic through the cross links as soon as you put your new site onto the network. Your blog posts and photos (with links to your site) will show up on other .geographical media sites in related and relevant sections so the more content you upload the more findable you are. Your content will work for you together with intelligent URLs that are search engine optimised.

Designing your .geographical media site is free and fast. Just go to http://wow.gm/wizard , choose your domain name (e.g. http://babyface.wow.gm ) and get your site registered.

Get your Gambian website now! Try it out and be amazed how fast and how much fun web designing can be!

See you online.

Source: Rhythm