Welcome to the new Wow.gm

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

As you have noticed Wow.gm went through a major transition and is now a user-driven website, displaying articles about Gambia from many different sources.
The new Wow was launched to bring together Gambia’s interesting, wonderful and sometimes unbelievable stories and we decided to give more power and influence to our users and let them participate in publishing and ranking articles. Users may now submit links to articles they like from any website and want to share with other readers who can then view, comment and rank them.  The most popular stories appear on top of the list depending on their voting.

Of course, you can still comment on any submission, so keep the discussion going!

Wow shows the title and a short description of the article; in order to read the full story users will be directed back to the source site.

Submitting, promoting and commenting can be done anonymously but if users want to have their names to appear together with their submissions or other activities they can sign up for free and create an account.

Wow’s homepage shows the current favourite stories at the top of the page according to the community’s ranking. Upcoming shows the most recently added news organised by the time added. This is the place to watch out for new interesting stuff coming up and then promote it to have it appear on the most popular list on the homepage.

We hope that our users will enjoy this new concept of community participation, article submission and ranking and look forward to seeing your favourite stories on Wow. We also would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers for their loyal support and feedback which give us ideas and motivation to continue to develop this website! Jerrejef, abarraka and thank you!

And now – enjoy the new Wow!