Training on cultural music ends

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
At least 15 students’ from Orebro and Ingesund Universities in Sweden on Saturday completed three-weeks of training on cultural music and dance at a concert held at Berefet village in Foni Berefet District.

The training was sponsored by the Education Through Culture and Communication Organisation (ECCO), an organisation that promotes Gambian culture and tradition.

Speaking at the concert, Angella Colley, secretary of state for Tourism and Culture expressed delight at the performance. She commended ECCO for taking a positive strive in promoting Gambian culture and tradition.

According to her, Gambian culture and tradition is an asset that needs protection and promotion at all times to ensure its sustainability. She urged the people to value their culture and tradition. She also thanked the teacher artists for their perfect skills and talent they gave to the students’.

SoS Colley further commended the people of Berefet for inculcating discipline in the minds and attitude of their children who displayed respect and honour to the guests throughout the concert. She urged other communities to emulate the people of Berefet which she said will help pave the way for the success of our nation. She then assured of her department’s obligation to ensure the sustainability of Gambian tradition and culture at all levels.

For his part, Baboucarr Sarr, ECCO’s country director reiterate his organisations commitment to the promotion of Gambian culture and tradion. He noted that the cultural camps in Berefet and Njawara have provided employment for the youths in the area and has also help to improve the living conditions of the people of the two communities. He thanked SoS Colley and the Government for creating a peaceful and conducive environment for Gambians and non Gambians alike.

Present at the ceremony were Fatou Beyai, manager of Development Investment and Culture and Ida Lowe-Njie, marketting officer of The Gambia Tourism Authourity.

Author: by Sheriff Barry