Jambanjelly School Displays Ingenuity in Artwork

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mr. Lamin Darboe, an art teacher, says the pupils of Jambanjelly Basic Cycle School in Kombo South, Western Region, have demonstrated extraordinary skills in and aptitude for designing, carving, painting and drawing.

As they have only recently started learning artwork the pupils of grade 7 have been wowing staff and friends of the school with their superb carvings and sculptures. Many of the tourists, parents and people from various walks of life who have visited the school are all said to be amazed at the quality of their work.

Speaking recently to this reporter, Mr. Lamin Darboe and Sailcom Leigh the coordinators of art and teachers in the school, said they had approached the head teacher Mr. Ebrima EF Badjie, and made a passionate appeal for a special room to display their artwork and increase the creativity of the children.

Mr. Darboe added that they raised funds for themselves, in support of the administration, to buy tools and art materials to kick start the work.

“Displaying the children’s artwork will no doubt earn them a skill,” said Mr. Darboe.

According to him, many different types of artwork have been produced by the children and are being kept in the room. He further explained that his department is now preparing a collection of carvings by the schoolchildren with a view to holding an exhibition. It is hoped that this will encourage more friends to keep visiting in the school and enjoying the fruits of the children’s hard work and talent.

Any organisation, company or tourist who wishes to contribute towards the exhibition can contact Mr. Darboe on 7623179 or alternatively, visit the school.

Author: By Yerro Mballow
Source: The Point