Quality education is fundamental to Success – Jambanjelly Principal

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mr. Ebrima EH Badjie, principal of Jambanjelly Basic Cycle School, has urged his students to re-double their efforts and read intensively as they prepare for their exams in May of this year. If they are successful, he says, they will enhance and build capacity for quality assurance in the 2004-2015 blueprint. He added that education lays the foundation for the development of any nation.

Mr. Badjie made his remarks in an interview with The Point.

He stressed that a redefinition of quality education is needed as it goes beyond simply learning where achievement is measured by test scores. He feels that a more innovative kind of education is needed that includes the use of such techniques as imbuing values and extra attitudinal dimensions.

The principal further elaborated that a safe and healthy learning environment is essential to the efforts of students to achieve academic excellence and also to contribute to their general well being.

He describes learning as the “heartbeat of society”. According to Mr. Badjie education is key to meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing society and requires diligence, discipline, hard work and steadfastness.

He was quick to point out that development will not come on a silver platter. To his students he extended this advice; consider your books to be your best friends and forgo the parties and fun times for now so as to maximise your potential and achieve your educational goals.

Mr. Badjie finally urged students to always respect their teachers and work hard for the development not only of themselves but also of The Gambia.

Author: By Yerro Mballow & Njie Baldeh
Source: The Point