Gov’t committed to nationwide electrification... VP Njie-Saidy

Monday, September 10, 2007

Gov’t committed to nationwide electrification... VP Njie-Saidy

Written by Alhagie Jobe

Dr Aja Isatou Njie-Saidy, Vice President and Secretary of State for Women’s Affairs on Wednesday revealed that the government of The Gambia, recognising the importance of electricity in the socio-economic development of the country, is committed to electrifying the entire nation.

Responding to a parliamentary question from Hon. Njai Darboe, NAM for Jarra West as to when the rural electrification project which already covers most of the villages in Jarra West would be extended to the Kabada area of Jarra West and the villages of Jenoi, Sikunda, Jiffin and Jabbisa, Vice-President Njie Saidy noted that this undertaking is capital intensive but notwithstanding that, the government is looking for funds for the continuation of the Rural Electrification Program.

She stated that the concerned settlements will be considered in subsequent phases of the program and the underlying criteria will be the technical feasibility, economic and financial viability that have to be performed.

About the plans for the expansion of electricity supply to other villages in Lower Saloum from Kaur Power Station raised by Hon. Kaba Touray, NAM for Lower Saloum, Vice-President Njie-Saidy further informed the Assembly that the concerned villages in the Lower Saloum will be considered in the next phase of the Rural Electrification Program provided they fulfil all the requirements for electrification.

On when the Rural Electrification Program would reach Sabach Sanjal, a question posed by Hon. Ousman Bah, NAM for Sabach Sanjal, Vice-President Njie-Saidy stressed that as mentioned earlier, the main objective of the Rural Electrification Program is to provide 100% accessibility to electricity to the entire nation.

She however noted that, due to the scarcity of funds, the program is being implemented in phases but quickly made it clearly that she could not guarantee that the program would reach Sabach Sanjal. She then stated that subsequent phases of the Rural Electrification Program would certainly include the electrification of Sabach Sanjal.

Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper
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