AFRICELL is out to Complement Govt. Efforts - Marketing Manager

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mr. Muhammed Leigh, the Marketing Manager of Africell, has said that his company’s innovation packages to subscribers are geared towards complementing government efforts in alleviating poverty in The Gambia.

Mr. Leigh, who gave an exclusive interview to this reporter yesterday, expressed Africell’s commitment to giving greater and much needed satisfaction to its subscribers in the country. This, he revealed, is all geared towards poverty alleviation. “Africell is moving from a big thing to a much bigger thing. We started with the car, then to the Millionaire, then to the second car for Face of Africell and now to the Dream House,” he said, adding that come 2008, Africell will be coming with an even bigger package.

Mr. Leigh reassured that Africell would share with the public whatever it generates and one way to do this, he opined, is by giving back to people through the promotional packages they occasionally launch.

Turning to the latest promotion that Africell is offering, Mr. Leigh added that Africell has a lot of things to give out to its subscribers.

“From the very outset, Africell decided to give to the people the chance to vote and choose from three different houses that TAF holdings is building at the Brufut Gardens.”

“The first one is a two-bedroom called Awa. The second, Njillan, is a three-bedroom house but is smaller when compared to the Jalika, which is the third one. This is the type of house that was built for the president’s during the AU Banjul Summit,” Mr. Leigh enthused.

The promotion, he went on, “will also involve the giving out of innovative packages to subscribers who took part in the voting process. These packages include a big wheel, paints, tiles, television sets, video sets, DVD and Radio Cassette players among other things.”

Mr. Leigh called on all Africell subscribers and would-be subscribers to stick with Africell as they are using high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment around the world. “We are very focused, we know exactly what we are doing and will stick to our programmes as our subscriber base has been increasing day in day out,” he noted, adding that Africell is the market leader.

Author: By Baboucarr Senghore
Source: The Point