Magistrate issues warning against accused persons

Monday, August 11, 2008
Magistrate Abdoulie Mbake of the Kanifing Magistrates Court, on Thursday, issued a strong warning against accused persons saying that they should be truthful when making their pleas in court so as to avoid wasting the court’s time.

Magistrate Mbake issued this warning when presiding over a case that seemed to have wasted the court’s time and warned that any accused person found guilty of an offence after pleading not guilty would be dealt with without any mercy.

He said that accused persons are fond of pleading not guilty to an offence even though they are guilty and noted that such accused persons would be judged with little leniency. He warned that drastic measures would be taken against them so as to make them truthful citizens.

“.... If they plead not guilty to an offence which they’re guilty of, when found guilty by the court, we will exercise little mercy.  We make every thing clear to them and that it why we appoint interpreters to avoid wasting the court’s time,” he said.

Author: by Amadou Sonko Bah