In Kanilai Festival S/Leone vows to retain title

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Sierra Leonean Cultural Troupe taking part in the 4th Edition of the Kanilai International Cultural Festival and champions of the famous Mystical Powers Competition in the last festival, have vowed to retain the title again this time.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in Kanilai over the weekend, Kolleh Dura Suma, the Director of Culture of Sierra Leone who heads the delegation, said: ”We are more optimistic of regaining the trophy. We are ready because the Malians lost to us last time and they will be prepared but we are more prepared. We did not put on display all the things we have at the moment. We have a lot of things that were not displayed during the last festival.”

Mr. Suma then paid respect to President Jammeh for conducting such a wonderful festival. ”I hope other African leaders will emulate President Jammeh so that the culture of Africa will be revived”, he said.
For his part, Salamu Karew, a choreographer with the Sierra Leonean troupe, said they have more to show during the festival. ”We have seen our opponents’ performances and whether they have anything they did not show, I don’t know. But we are ready to regain the title and win more trophies”, he said.

Mr. Karew also described President Jammeh as a hardworking leader who is developing The Gambia. ”We really admire him and if we can have his type in Sierra Leone it will be good for our country. I have travelled to Banjul and Serrekunda and all I could see was development and the popularity of him [President Jammeh].

Author: Written by Pa Malick Faye
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper