Renew your loyality to APRC Kombo Central chief urges women

Friday, August 1, 2008
Alhagie  Bakary DS Bojang, the chief of Kombo Central has called on the women of his district to renew their loyality to President Yahya Jammeh and the ruling APRC party for the socio-economic development of the country.

The Kombo Central chief made this remark, on Wednesday, while addressing a group of APRC women at his compound at a ceremony organised in honour of the incoming lady councillor for Kombo Central Ward, Siffai Hydara, who will assume office in December, when the current councillor’s term will end.

Chief Bojang told Siffai Hydara that women of the area need her services and urged her to do her utmost for the women of Kombo Central by uniting them together.

He described the meeting as yet another milestone in the development of the APRC party. "I urge you all to continue the cooperation and unity that has already existed amongst you for the development of the APRC party. You have a crucial role to play  in the socio-economic development of this nation. You form the root organs of the party," he said.

Chief Bojang reminded the women that President Jammeh always seeks to empower women adding that their support to the APRC party in the recent years has  been overwhelming. "I thank you, the women of Kombo Central, for your support to the party as you always rally behind any APRC candidate in the constituency," he said.

He advised the women to work with lady councillors for the development of the constituency as their unity, collective work and partnership, can yield something positive dividend for the people. He then urged them not to take engage in angry politics saying: “Remember that our president always calls for partnership and cooperation for the development of our dear country, as the development of any country lies in the hands of its citizens," he remarked.

Dembo Kaleng Bojang, the APRC constituency chairman for Kombo Central, said the occasion marks another milestone in the development of the APRC party in the area.
Accordig to him, attitudinal and behavioural change is very important in a person’s life noting that Siffai Hydara is a disciplinde lady who worked hand in glove with elders of the constituency. He commended the women for their hardwork and urged them to keep up the momentum. He then called on them to put aside their differences and work towards the development of the constituency.

For her part, Siffai Hydara, the incoming councillor, thanked the women for the trust and confidence bestowed on her to serve the residents of the area in the upcoming term. She described President Jammeh as a visionary who is doing everything possible to uplift the living standards of Gambians.

"Councillors play a crucial role in the development of our constituency. So electing lady councillors for the coming term is another milestone and indeed a clear manifestation of your loyality to the party.  However, I will urge you to always inculcate love, unity and cooperation among yourselves. Only with collective efforts and partnership that we can yield something positive. So let us not take politics with anger,” she remarked.

Author: by Sheriff Janko