NMCP recommend “NYAAMA” in CRR

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) has recommended Niamina Youth Association Against Malaria (NYAAMA) for its efficient and active services in enhancing and promoting community participation in the areas of malaria control and its preventive methods in Niamina East, Central River Region.

In an interview with the Daily Observer in Niamina Touba, Kemo Wally, President of NYAAMA told this reporter at a massive bednets dipping campaign currently underway that the aim of the association, among others, is to promote the use of Insecticide Treated Nets (ITN) and participate in other activities like applications of biolarvicides in potential mosquito breeding sites within Niamina, noting that the association’s membership is based on registration that composed of both active men and women with a structure of an executive, including three Regional Heads.

However, Mr Wally added that since the inception of the association its coverage areas has increased rapidly to cover the whole of Niamina East District and beyond. “NYAA, in collaboration with NMCP and other institutions has been actively engaged in the areas of health, among others at community levels,” he added.

Commenting on the on-going, Mr Wally expressed his delight at the massive turn-out of people.

He finally commended NMCP for facilitating such an exercise geared towards complementing government efforts in the health sectors.

Author: Written by Musa Ndow in CRR
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper
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