National energy exhibition kicks-off

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The 2007 National Energy Show and Exhibition, organised by the Department of State for Petroleum, Energy and Mineral Resources (PEMR), in collaboration with renewable and domestic energy companies and Nawec, yesterday commenced at the Gambia Renewable Energy Center (GREC), located behind the Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI), Old Jeshwang.

The purpose of the show and exhibition was to promote renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and devices to the wider public for their information and subsequent utilisation for sustainable and socio-economic development in a conducive environment.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Sheriff Faye, Commissioner of Petroleum Energy said The Gambia has the blessings of abundant renewable energy resources that can never be exhausted. According to him, renewable energy can be obtained from the sun for solar energy, wind, firewood, animal manure, crop residue and waste for biomass energy. “

Essentially, all the three sources do not contribute to global climate change and will not run out. However, they are available to everyone around the globe,” he said.

According to him, 13 years ago 90% of Gambians had no access to electricity and lived daily struggles just to survive. He then applauded President Jammeh for his initiative to provide affordable energy supply to all Gambians by 2020.

In a statement delivered on behalf of the SoS for Petroleum, Energy and Mineral Resources who also doubles as head of the civil service Ebrima Camara, Permanent Secretary DoSPEMR, said it is obvious that energy issues affect all of us immeasurably in our capacities as either users, consumers or producers in the demand and supply chain. “When one looks at it closely there would simply be no life without reliable, affordable and accessible energy resources.  We rely on energy to  care for ourselves and our families, heat our food and light our houses among others,” he said.

According to him, this generation of energy is certainly not without a price adding that it costs us as individuals and as a society each time at each stage of the energy consumption, production and value chain. “In The Gambia, as in most countries of the Sahel the widely used sources of meeting our energy consumptions are fuel and wood. Wood alone constitutes more than 80% of our energy consumption. But with rising levels of deforestation associated with wood consumption among other considerations, it is not difficult to understand why attempts must be made to reduce reliance on this source” he added.

For his part, Hans Noteboum, Director, Gam Solar Energy representing the private sector said, renewable energy holds great promises in helping the population to improve their living conditions, and will play an important role in the realisation of vision 2020. Other speakers at the ceremony included, Bah FM Saho Director of Energy.
SoS Abdou Colley, Secretary of State for Trade Industry and Employment, Nams and senior government officials attended the opening ceremony.

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Author: by Sheriff Janko
Source: The Daily Observer