Ansaar inaugurates new Arabic nursery school

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
The Ansaar (helpers) Agency, on Saturday October 11, 2008, inaugurated its new Arabic nursery school for Muslim children, located at the Old Jeshwang Mosque premises.

The inauguration, held at the Old Jeshwang Mosque, brought together Muslim elders, youth, women and children.

In his opening remarks, Abu’bakr Jeng (Amir), the president of the Ansaar Agency, welcomed the parents. He thanked the Almighty Allah for giving them the strength to come together.

He then advised Muslims to have faith in Allah. Mr Jeng also reminded the gathering that knowledge and faith in Allah are two major things that a Muslim needs to have, as stated in the Holy Quran by Allah (SWT).

The Ansaar president called on all Muslims to follow the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad (SWT). He finally advised the youths to desist from drinking alcohol, smoking cannabis, as well as using harmful drugs.  He also encouraged parents to enroll their children in the Ansaar Nursery School.

For his part, Alieu Addo the secretary general of Anssar Agency, said his organisation is currently enrolling children between the ages of 3 and 7.

According to him, these children will be taught Islamic lessons purely based on the Holy Quran and the practices (sunnah) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

He encouraged the parents to send their children to Ansaar Agency Nursery School.  Mr Addo also informed the gathering that the Agency has secured highly trained teachers, even from the University of The Gambia, to teach the children.

He reminded the gathering that the inauguration of the Arabic nursery is in line with their Agency’s objective, describing their initiative as a fulfillment of their pledge to educate Muslim youths and children.

Author: by Assan Sallah & Asanatou Bojang