Ahl Albait Islamic commemorate martyrdom

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ahl Albait Islamic Association in collaboration with the Lebanese community in The Gambia, on Saturday, January 19, 2008, commemorated the martyrdom of Imam Hussien, grandson of Prophet Muhamed (SAW)), at a grand Muslim gathering held at the Lebanese mosque in Pipeline.

The commemoration which coincided with the Yamul Ashurah was meant to show loyality to Imam Hussien, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed and the then Kalif of the Islamic Ummah for his selfless efforts in the restoration of the Islamic principles laid down by his grandfather.

Hundreds of Lebanese and other Muslims who gathered to acknowledge the good deeds of Imam Hussien in the restoration of Islam in a dangerous era, could not hold back their tears when Grand Imam Rabih Farhat recited numerous verses from the Holy Qu’ran.

Prayers were also offered to safeguard the Islamic ummah, the government of The Gambia, institutions as well as scholars.

At the end of the ceremony, thirty-five Lebanese donated blood to Gamblood. This, according to donors, is a way of extending solidarity with those who need them, as according to them “in the camp of Imam Hussien, there is no difference between race, sex, and ethnicity as long as one is a Muslim’’.

Speaking to the Daily Observer, shortly after the end of the occasion, Imam Rabih Farhat of the Ahl Albait Islamic Association said the commemoration is the fifth edition.  He dscribed the day as very significant in the Muslim calender as it coincided with the ‘Yawmal Ashurah’.

Giving a brief account of Kalif Imam Hussien, Imam Farhat said that the Kalif (Hussien) was a pious and great islamic scholar who sacrificed himself, his family and companions for the restoration of Islam in the era of Yazid, the then so-called Kalif of Islam who misused the assets of Islam as well as imposed threats and material values on the people of Koufa to end their allegiance to Imam Hussien.

Author: by Hatab Fadera