Pirang VDC laud Prezy’s support for health

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Following his frequent donation of medicine to the Pirang health post, the Village Development Committee of Pirang has lauded the Gambian leader, President Dr Alhaji Yahya Jammeh’s efforts in bringing primary health care to the doorsteps of not only the people of Pirang but the entire Gambian people.

In a letter addessed to the Gambian leader by Lamin Lams Bojang, Secretary General of the Pirang Village Development Committee, the VDC said: For your continuous donations of medicine to Pirang Health Centre, the people of Kombo East District, especially the catchment area extend their sincere appreciation to you and your office for the timely gesture in providing them medicine.

The member of Parliament, the chief, the Alkalo, the VDC, the APRC organs and the people of the catchment area are rallying behind you and the party (APRC) for the development of the district, and the country. You are fully assured of the increased support from the area for improving our life quality through the health and education sectors.

The village is a catchment area and this donation and other donations benefit the entire catchment area around Pirang Village. In as much as we appreciate your tireless efforts to develop our district, we are looking forward to expanding and improving of other sectors through your office’s programs.

We rely on you and your good office to assist in fulfiling our health, educational and other constraints in the area.

Your interventions are highly appreciated.

Author: by Ebrima Jatta
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