Thursday, January 24, 2008

There is low turn out at the polls around the kanifing municipality as the polls open at 7am Thursday 24 January 2008. Unlike other stations at the Manjai Kunda central polling station where this reporter visited there was a very high turn out, people were in there hundreds and voting was very smooth.
The candidate of the ruling APRC, for Manjai Kunda Ward, Momodou Sidibeh told this reporter that he has voted and that he is confident of victory. Ask what was his impression on the turn out, Sidibeh said the turn out is excellent and this was due to the much popularity given to the elections by the Independent Electoral Commission (ICE). Independent candidate Salieu Manneh said victory is his, as he is the choice of the people. He told this reporter that looking around Manjai Kunda there is no sign of development for the past five years or so. He asked where the revenues of this ward goes to and what has the incumbent has done in the past years. There are no good roads, no public toilet facilities and not to talk about heath facilities.
At other polling stations around the municipality of KMC , the turn out was generally poor. Voters did pay heed to the numerous calls made before the elections. At B109 total tokens received is 701, B109a 727 tokens, B108, 572 tokens and at B108a566 token and in all more that 1500 have voted at 9am.
At the Dippa Kunda Wards and Latri kunda Wards the turn out was very poor. When this roaming reporter caught up with the Ruling APRC campaign manager who was also the out going councilor, Mr. Musa Mendy he decried that he received call all over the area and what he was told is that there is a low turn out.
Solo Sandeh the opposition contestant for Dippa Kunda ward, also decried of low turn out. But what both politicians said in common is the voting goes very smoothly.
In a live television broadcast on the eve of the elections, the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission Alhagie Mustapha Carayol told the electorates that they should go out in their numbers and vote for the candidate of their choice. He inform them that the elections is important because this the election that give them the chance to vote for people who should make a difference in their lives. He said local governments should provide roads, health facilities, schools, and other facilities. However his calls and many other calls were not heeded to.
Polls are opened as early as 7am and will close by 4pm and results are expect to flow in by 6pm.

Author: Madi M.K.Ceesay
Source: Interviews