Sister Testifies As London Murder Case Proceeds

Monday, March 3, 2008

A sister to the reported slain London Corner youth has informed a magistrates’ court that Doudou Janneh is the one believed to have taken his brother’s life.

Yasin Minteh told the Bundung Magistrates’ Court that she was devastated when she sadly learnt that her brother had been killed in an evening drug police swoop on London Corner.

Shedding silent tears while rendering her account of the alleged murder case, Yassin explained that whatever the case may be, Doudou Janneh is the one to blame when it comes to the cold-blooded killing of her brother. She expressed disgust and sorrow with the manner her brother was killed, describing it as brutal and inconceivable.

It would be recalled that Sheriff Minteh,20, was allegedly killed in May of last year and one Doudou Janneh alias Doudou Boy is being charged with his murder.

Author: By Mballow, Conteh & Nget
Source: The Point