International commercial bank (ICB) new CEO speaks

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Lalit Mohan Tewari, the new Chief Executive Officer of the International Commercial Bank, Gambia limited has said that the primary objective of ICB Gambia is to build the imagine economy and be part of the development of the country towards the advancement of the young people of the Gambia.

Mr Tewari made these remarks during an interview with Daily Observer shortly after opening of the ICB’s new branch at the Old Christ Church beside the Serre-kunda Market, along the Westfield-Sukuta high way.

According to him, ICB has its existence in 11 countries mainly in Africa and Europe includes The Gambia, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Mr Tewari who served in various positions including Europe and has his major area in Micro financing. "We also understand that in the next couple of years or down the line, The Gambia will be a country where lot of younger population is growing up and since there is good education, Gambian will benefit from employment opportunity created by the Bank," said the new CEO.

"CEO Tewari paid tribute to the Central Bank of The Gambia for being so supportive to the bank in all their endeavours. He revealed that, ICB will soon open another branch in Basse. He observed the banking industry competitive in Gambia, according to him, when  competition is high customer service will improve and low income earners will have the chance to benefit.

Mr Tewari further revealed that, ICB bank is ready to support agricultural activities by giving out crop and seed loans to farmers.

Sheff Landing Jagne, assistant General Manager of ICB revealed that they are working on new products like deposit and loans product, which they feel are actually into their customer favour.

"Research has shown that there are many gaps in the banking industry that need to be fill, this is why ICB is coming up this new products," Jagne explained.

"With ICB, our belief is customer satisfaction and people to people contact and that has been our marketing strategy for the past years," Mr Jagne noted.  

Yusupha Minteh, Human Resources and Admin Manager of ICB said their ultimate objective is to bring banking to the door step of their customers and thus the opening of four Branches in four years and poised to open our fifth Branch soon. Adding that ICB will continue to contribute its own quota towards the rapid socio economic improvement of the country’s economy.

According to him, currently the bank has more than 50 young Gambian employees at various position in the bank, and added that almost all the senior  positions are handle by Gambians.

"We call on all customers to come and continue patronizing us, our intention is to bring banking to their door step and we will continue to commit        ourselves to the socio-economic development of the Gambia" said Minteh.

Author: by Musa Ndow