Dakore Egbuson: The 'IT Girl' of Nollywood

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dakore Egbuson is one of the top glamorous stars in Nollywood, who has shined since the year 2000. This beautiful star, who is the first child of five, attended Corona Primary School. Upon graduation from primary school she attended A-Z Secondary School, and later attended Government Girl's College. She then went on to further her educational career at UNILAG where she studied Mass Communications.

However, due to school strikes she never received her diploma. She did not let Nigeria's social and economical problems stop her from becoming big. She started working at an advertisement company where she met Emem Isong who was holding auditions for a new script. Isong took one look at Dakore and said, "Wow you look good. Could you please read this script for me?" and from there, gateways started opening for Ms. Dakore.

Dakore played her first role in a soap opera on AIT, which never aired. Isong said she will give her a call for a role once one becomes available. Dakore, although unsure of Isong's assurance, gave Isong her number and a year later Isong gave her a call to play a lead role in the movie Silent Tears in the year 2000. She then starred lead roles in Playboy, Tentacles and She-Devil. From there, she flew to London and settled where she pursued her acting career. She presented on BEN TV and Soul Sister, her own show. She also started to pursue a career in music- jazz and soul, in which she performed in Queen Elizabeth Hall.

While in London, Dakore was receiving calls from Nigeria to star in many more movies. She took advantage of the opportunity and flew back to Nigeria. She starred in Emotional Crack, Shattered Illusions, When the Going Gets Tough, Hole in the Heart, Dangerous Sisters, and Bus Driver to name a few. Dakore has surely made a name for herself and has fast become a rising star.

When it comes to awards, this babe is not lacking. She won Best New Actress and Best Supporting Actress in two categories for the smash hit movie, Emotional Crack, during the REEL AWARDS in 2004. Recently, she won BEST ACTRESS for the NEA awards which took place in Maryland, USA in July 2006. As this was the first annual NEA awards, she has gone down in history as the first Best Actress Award winner. She is clearly not only known in Nigeria but in London, America and all around the world. Her rise to stardom has been a very great inspiration for upcoming actresses.


Source: nigeriamovies.net