British foreign secretary: 'President Mugabe persists in his ambition to steal the election'

Wednesday, April 23, 2008
David Miliband, the British foreign secretary today said that "the constitutional crisis in Zimbabwe continues as President Mugabe persists in his ambition to steal the election."

Miliband noted in his statement that "it is over three weeks since the elections were held but the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is yet to announce the Presidential results."

"More worryingly President Mugabe and his ZANU(PF) party have unleashed a campaign of violence against those ordinary Zimbabweans, sixty percent of them, who in spite of everything voted against him," he continued.

The statement continued, "political refugees from the rural areas that were once President Mugabe's heartlands but have had the courage to express their opposition peacefully through the ballot box have been pouring into urban centres to receive medical treatment and support."

"Local and international NGOs are highlighting these abuses daily," says Miliband, "evidence that they are taking place is irrefutable."

Leaders of the opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) recently said that the unofficial tally, based on one-third of the election returns, shows their leader, Morgan Tsvangirai with 67% of the vote. The 'results' were posted on the doors of polling stations, and then sent to party officials by text messaging. MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti said then that, "Barring a miracle, Mugabe can't win."

On Friday, Mugabe accused the British of working with the MDC to overthrow the government.

Source: Wikinews