Wait - Don’t Throw Away Your Used Ink Cartridge

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Don’t toss away your empty ink cartridge in the trash bin. Just think about the many possibilities that can help you save not only in dollars, but also prevent the environment from getting polluted.

One, you have an option of inkjet cartridge refill. They are very cost effective. Just before your cartridge goes completely dry, use an ink refill kit and refill the cartridge. It comes at only a small percentage of the new inkjet cartridge. The method is easy and convenient. Just follow the instructions carefully. And of course keep the ink handy, so that you do not have to run to the store, at the last moment.

Two, there are now companies that offer to recycle inkjet cartridges. Not only that, they even offer discounts on new cartridges in exchange for the used ones. They remanufacture the used inkjet cartridge by breaking it down, cleaning it and putting it back together again to be refilled. This is then reintroduced for sale in the market. As this process does not involve any melting of the material, hence there are no resulting injurious fumes. This is the most eco- friendly way to dispose of the inkjet cartridge and saves you money too. A situation where everyone wins!!

Three, even when you have to dispose off the used inkjet cartridge, do it an environment friendly way. The cartridge is made of plastic and chemicals which when disposed off via incorrect measures release fumes which are hazardous to health. To protect from such harm, use the option of recycling. Nowadays recycling is encouraged and has become a standard in almost all the offices. It has become a law too in many areas. Recycling basically aims at reducing the waste we create from things such as plastics and chemicals. So, if you throw away your used ink cartridges in the garbage can, ‘Reconsider’. Simply recycle them with the rest of your plastics in the normal recycling bin at home. Though everyone today is awakening to the need to recycle, sometimes such small things happen to be overlooked. Only just be careful the next time. It is imperative.

A word of caution. Some recycling programs offered by inkjet cartridge manufacturers are not really as ‘green’ as they claim to be. They overlook the eco-friendly processes and just melt down the cartridge with the other plastic and waste material to their raw, malleable form. That plastic could end up as your kitchen utensil as well! So ensure you are disposing off your used inkjet cartridge safely. Send it to a remanufacturing program instead of a typical recycling plant.

About the Author:
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Author: By: Ann Woods
Source: iSnare.com