Coolpedia announced Top 10 Internet Quote and promoted next project for "Cool Video Award" in Taiwan

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

With the website launch of "Doritos Coolpedia" (Coolpedia) on September 28 and Notable Internet Quote Voting started on October 14, Pepsico Taiwan & Doritos announced "Top 10 Internet Cool Quote" on October 31. This 2-week-period voting attracted more than 10,000 Internet users from 64 countries participating and electing. Finaly, "Among men, Laa-Laa; among horses, Red Hare" (In Chinese: 馬中赤兔,人中拉拉) was elected as the "Best Internet Cool Quote".

This announcement invited a famous Taiwanese band "MACHI Brothers" (MACHI) as the spokespeople for Coolpedia. According to Pepsico, MACHI is a symbol of younger people in the presence of the e-Century in Taiwan. Originally, Coolpedia is a protal for younger-ages people to share and contribute their creations and improve some interactions on the Internet. At the announcement, members of MACHI dressed different "Cool Quote T-Shirts" to symbolize the unlimited creation of Coolpedia.

On November 1, Coolpedia will provide audio-visual website version for the "Cool Video Award" candidation with the pursuit of "No pictures, no truth!". Pepeico Taiwan predicted that will be a great variation during Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 ages.

Source: Wikinews