Abuko Upper Basic School Establishes Press Club

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Students of Abuko Upper Basic School in the Kanifing municipality have demonstrated extraordinary skills and aptitude in news writing and publication after recently establishing a press club and a school magazine.

The club, which is comprised of female and male students of Grade 8, recently published a maiden copy of the magazine, with quality articles, news and other write-ups that amazed the principal of the school, Mrs. Biran Jagne, the staff and other students.

In his remarks on the launching of the club and the magazine, Muhammed Fofana, a member of the club, applauded their principal Mr. Jagne, whose administration and dynamic leadership he said had placed them in a better position to undertake such a noble challenge.

"Mr. Jagne is one of the disciplinarians and hardworking principals in The Gambia," Fofana said, adding that "the principal’s sense of duty and responsibility is unquestionable".
According to the principal, the establishment of the press club and the magazine was facilitated by the English department teacher of the school, Mr. Anthony, who approached the school authority and made a passionate appeal for the initiative to be actualised.

"This press club will no doubt earn the students more improvement in both their spoken language and writing skills," Mr. Jagne said.
He advised members of the club to be mindful of what they write and publish to maintain credibility, objectivity and fairness as well as promote education, discipline and development among students.
"We want to be journalists in the future because journalists educate, inform and entertain society," said members of the club.

The occasion was attended also by the vice-principal of the school Mr. Yahya Jobe.

Author: By Yerro Mballow
Source: The Point
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