AGIB Donates To Supreme Islamic Council

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Arab Gambian Islamic Bank Ltd. on Friday donated D100, 000.00 (one hundred thousand dalasis) to the Supreme Islamic Council. This gesture is done by the Bank every year to help needy Muslims during the month of Ramadan, present at this year’s presentation were, the Managing Director of the Bank- Mamour Malick Jagne, Investment Manager- Momodou Malamin Jobe, Finance Manager- Mr. Buba Barrow, Recoveries Manager- Alhagie Mattarr Drammeh and its Marketing Assistant- Ms Zainab Secka.

Representatives from the Supreme Islamic Council were, Alhagie Ousman Jah- Vice president, Alhagie Kebba Landing Sanyang- the Auditor, Abdoulie Minteh- Treasurer, Alhagie Baba Drammeh- the Project Manager and Muhamed Sarr- the Secretary General.

Mamour Jagne opened the presentation by first welcoming, once again, the council, to AGIB. He stated that it has always been the Bank’s objective, from inception to support the needy people, not just the ones in the greater Banjul area but nationwide, and that is why the Bank, in pursuing that noble objective donates to the supreme Islamic Council every Ramadan believing the council will follow their responsibilities as they always do and spread these tokens up country as well. He further stated that because the Bank helps in so many other areas, it hasn’t been possible yet to increase this amount as the Bank wishes, but is aiming very much to do so in future.

The Vice president of the Council, Alhagie Ousman Jah, in his response to the MD’s remarks, greeted the gathering on behalf of the President and all members of the council. He thanked AGIB for choosing to always make this donation through them. He pointed out that the council knows AGIB could have done these donations without them but chooses to pass through the council, helping the council in its role in the Gambian and boosting their responsibilities as well. For that support, the prayers for AGIB’s prosper and promised that the donation will go to those who need it the most. 

Source: The Point