Introducing Jennifer Cooke Gambia’s International R&B singer

Monday, October 1, 2007

Jennifer Cooke is 19-year- old. She is one of the Gambia’s female RB  stars struggling to reach stardom. She was born and raised in Amsterdam- Netherlands by a Gambian mother and her Father is a Surinamese. As a little child, Jennifer had a passion for singing and knew she wanted to be a singer, that believe she still holds on to.

According to the gambiatalents website, Jennifer was 12 years old when she attended a dance school called Funkomatic Dance Studio's. In the past 6-year, she has trained hard and performed along side with some international artists.

Jennifer and her dance crew opened show for big artists like Ja Rule and Dru Hill. She also did a lot of background dance for some top and well known artists in the Netherlands. While Jennifer was seriously involve in dancing, she was still bent on working hard pursue her singing career.

She has been featured as a backing vocal and collaborated with some rap groups in the Netherlands. Through one of these collaborations, she met Vincent Reid (producer zero31musiq) who was impressed by her talents till today is working with Jennifer. They create her beats and arrange shows for her nationally and internationally.

"I owe them a lot as far as my music is concerned because they believe in me too much. Through them, my album which is under serious promotion is due to be out soon. I am indeed very thankful to them," said Jennifer.

In 2005, Jennifer for the first time came to the Gambia to promote her Music. She had a lot of TV, radios and newspapers appearances. She performed in a lot of places with different artists such as Singateh.

Her biggest performance in The Gambia was the opening of a show for Yousou N'dour at The Gambian International soccer stadium. She has great support from Lamin Manga (Music promoter and manager) who was always stuck by her side ever since she wanted to do something in The Gambia. He believes in her.

In Addition to singing and dancing, Jennifer also involves in acting. She has been featuring in some famous video clips in the Netherlands most recent is a new video of the famous rapper (Negative) in the Netherlands.

"Since I was young, I have always been working hard as far as my music is concerned. I believe in what I do. I believe that one can have whatever he/she wants as long as they stay focus and work hard.

I'm proud of where I come from (The Gambia) and I'm happy that people responded and supported me that well when I came down in January last year. I hope you all will keep on supporting me. And I'll keep on doing my best in representing my people and the country-for The Gambia our home land."

Author: Written by Sheriff Janko
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper