GAF fetes 245 Senegalese, others on summer holiday camp

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) is currently hosting 245 Senegalese, 43 Gambian children and 16 guides in a month ‘Colonie De Vaccanes’ (summer holiday camp) in The Gambia, at the Mansea Hotel.

According to reports received from the Gambia Armed Forces yesterday, this holiday camp among other things, is aimed at strengthening the already cordial relations between The Gambian and Senegalese Armed Forces, in particular, and the two countries in general. Most importantly, the report stated, the holiday camp, apart from bringing the children together under an atmosphere of friendship, will create the opportunity for them to learn and understand the reality of life through the training they receive during the camping period on such issues as HIV/AIDS, relation- building through interaction, tolerance, art work and discipline.

The release further noted that as part of their activities during the camp, these children would converge at the 22nd July Square in Banjul on Saturday, August 25th, 2007 where they will take part in an Olympiad competition amongst themselves and a march-past starting at 16:00 hrs.

“In a bid to show and teach the children about the significance of good neighbourhood, the culture of oneness and fraternity, some children would act as the Presidents and First Ladies of the Republics of The Gambia and Senegal, the Chief of Defence Staffs of the two countries, as well as traditional kings and queens during the programme at the July 22nd Square. The assumed child-President would deliver a speech to declare the event open,” the release noted.

GAF urged the public to attend this significant historic event by the Sene-Gambian children as this is the first time in The Gambia that, this ‘Colonie De Vacances’ has included such social activities.

Author: Written by Alhagie Jobe
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper