Freedousey gets police post

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ganyi Touray, Governor of the Central River Region on Monday September 10, officially inaugurated a police post at Freedousey village, in the Niani District, CRR North.

Freedousey is a village known for cattle rearing and is an attraction for armed robbers who often engage in cattle rustling, crossing the border from Senegal.  Lamin Nyang, a marabout in the village, provided a temporal house for the police and promised to build a police station in the area at his own expense.

In his inaugural address, Governor Ganyi Touray commended the marabout for his patriotism, adding that the government cannot do it all.  He called on the people of the area to be mindful of how they issue papers to cattle dealers as this facilitates the movement of thieves, since some of them are rustlers and without papers they cannot escape from the security personnel.

He said national security and the defense of our territorial integrity are the responsibilities of each and everyone.  He urged them to help the police to carry out their duties effectively.

The Commissioner of Police in the region, Modou Jobarteh, asserted that ensuring security is the responsibility of every member of the community, noting that the only difference between the police and the community is that the “police is the agency that is willing to spend time and receive aliens and make sure they have proper documents”.

The Chief of Niani, Pierce Bah, urged the Alkalolu to be more careful in issuing permits to cattle dealers so that cattle rustling can be minimised.  He said armed robbery has created a lot of fear among the peace loving people in the district and made them insecure.

Lamin Nyang, a marabout said with the establishment of the police post in the village the high crime rate in the area will be reduced.

Other speakers included Seyfo Malick Secka.

Author: Written by Lamin SM Jawo
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper
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