40 Gambian would-be migrants stranded in Morocco

Thursday, September 27, 2007

About 40 Gambian would-be-migrants, mostly youths are currently stranded in Dahla, some few kilometres from the Moroccan Capital, Casablanca, reports reaching the Daily Observer reveals. These stranded youths were on board a canoe en-route to the Spanish Canary Island but were later refused to enter in the Spanish territories, and then managed to anchor in Morocco. In an Interview with the Daily Observer  recently, Daddy Jack, a 23-year-old boy who was also in the same boat with the  would-be-migrants stranded in Morocco, revealed that they have been stranded in Morocco for almost two months, some days, adding that the Spanish authorities have refused to allow them anchor on their waters.

“On the way coming back home, our ship captain decided to anchor safely in the Moroccan shores, where we later took to Dahla and accommodated in one of the stadiums. At first, we were there together with some Senegalese youths, but they were eventually evacuated by the Senegal authorities, after series of consultations between the Senegalese embassy in Rabat and the authorities in Dakar,” he said.

He added that there was time when they communicated with the Gambian embassy in Rabat, but were told that unless they get a green light from the Gambian authorities, they couldn’t do anything.

“Few days back, I communicated with some of my friends who revealed that they are now on hunger strike, because of the appalling conditions they are encountering. My travel was facilitated by my brother in The Gambia, who sent me money there to enable me travel out of Morocco, via Mauritania,” he revealed.

Author: Written by Sheriff Janko
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper