Death Sentence for Tabara Samba

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The much expected judgement in the murder case against Tabara Samba, who has been standing trial for the murder of Ebrima Nyan, her late husband, was yesterday delivered at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court. The accused has been found guilty of the felony and sentenced to death by Magistrate Pa Harry Jammeh.

In his ruling, Magistrate Jammeh said that having observed the accused in the witness box, he realised that her demeanor does not in any way strike one as capable of such daring act. He noted that this was incomprehensible and unimaginable. He told the court that the accused’s actions on that day were shocking, deplorable, dishonourable, distressing and distasteful.

He however stated in his ruling that the accused had been depicted as mean, unloving and unpitying.

He concluded by inferring that in the accused, he saw a deceptive personality who personifies evil. He went on to say that the accused was every man’s nightmare and a disgrace to her counterparts and culture.

In her mitigation, Amie Joof-Conteh, the defence counsel, acknowledged the court’s verdict but nonetheless pleaded that the accused was 43 years of age. She pointed out that as sad as the case might be, the accused was a woman who represented the voice of every woman in marriage. She stated that some women are strong enough and could find a way out, some are strong enough to fight while still others are very weak and would retaliate. She indicated that the accused represented the voice of the weaker type who ends up victims of their own impulse.

She further opined that no married person ever has the intention to cause harm to her husband and that the accused happened to fall under this category. She went on to say that the court could without any doubt bear witness that from day one the accused had shown remorse and that she had regretted what happened. She finally begged the court to temper justice with mercy.

Magistrate Pa Harry Jammeh, in spite of the mitigation made by the defence counsel, sentenced the accused to death.

Author: By Dawda Faye, Soury Camara & Sarata Dibba
Source: The Point