GPDP Opts Out of Local Govt. Elections

Friday, January 4, 2008

Barely a month to the forthcoming local government elections, the opposition Gambia Peoples Democratic Party has expressed the party’s decision not to contest the local government elections.

In an exclusive interview with The Point on Thursday Mr Henry Gomez, leader of the party, told this reporter that his party would neither contest in the election nor throw its weight behind any party be it ruling or opposition. “We are not participating in local government and we are not putting our weight to any party, whether opposition or ruling party. But we want to appeal to all Gambians to vote peacefully and ensure transparency,” Mr Gomez said, adding that there is no friend in the field of politics.

“I have a vision and my vision is to be the president of the Gambia. My party is working very hard for the attainment of this vision and come 2011, Henry Gomez will be declared President of the Republic of The Gambia,” he avowed.

According to the GPDP leader, Gambian people should seek out and rally behind the opposition party (ies) that are ready to face the battle and not to fail them again. “I always hear people saying that the opposition failed us but in our case as opposition we believe in building the capacities of the people.”

Mr Gomez then digressed by appealing to President Jammeh to release some of the prisoners presently in detention while calling on all Gambians to rally behind him and the APRC so long as his statutory term lasts, in order to help him achieve the development objectives of the country.

On Senegalo-Gambia relations, the GPDP leader also appealed to the Presidents of the republic of Senegal and The Gambia to join hands and ensure harmony, noting that the two countries ought to prioritise the maintenance of healthy relations between themselves first before thinking of bilateral matters outside Senegambia.

He called on all Africans to join hands and strive for the advancement of the continent, stressing that one way that could be achieved is by having confidence in the capacity of Africa and her people to accomplish the feat.

Mr Gomez seized the opportunity to wish President Jammeh and all Gambians a prosperous New Year.

Author: By Baboucarr Senghore
Source: The Point