Femi Peters, Master Danso to Run for Banjul, KMC Mayoral Positions

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Latest reports reaching The Point indicate that the forthcoming January 24th Local Government elections would have the hallmarks of a keen contest, this owing to the number of opposition and independent candidates bracing for the much-hyped elections. At least it promises to be a far cry from the 2002 Local Government election, which was boycotted by the opposition- hence the predominance of APRC candidates as Chairmen and councillors in local councils throughout the country.

A resonant testimony to this reality is the nomination of Mr. Momodou A. Danso, better known as Master Danso, as the UDP/NRP alliance mayoral candidate for the Kanifing Municipality, and that of Mr. Femi Peters, the UDP Campaign Manager, for Banjul.

In a statement shortly after the nominations, Master Danso made an undertaking that if elected he would make sure that the streets in the municipality are properly taken care of both during and after the rainy season. “I will make sure that the gutters that are existing are dug again and then put into service. I will make sure that the standpipes within the municipality will be increased. We will also, if possible, give them toilet facilities because there are virtually very few or none in the municipality,” he stated.

Mr Danso added: “When elected, I and my team will make sure that we will have or hire transport to dispose all refuse to the appropriate positions. We will educate them and tell them about the impacts of dumping refuse.”

Asked about the point in contesting an election whose effect could be neutralised by the dismissal of the victor from office, as is made possible by the amendment to the Local Government Act, he said: “It is not futile. It is important to contest these elections. To support the ruling party is easy but to be honest and strong to oppose the errors that the government is making is another thing.”

For his part, Mr Femi Peters vowed to improve the sanitary condition of the capital city. He deplored the lack of a strategic plan for Banjul and gave hope that he would, if elected, put in place what he called a ‘Marshal Plan’ for the development of the city of Banjul.

A total number of 29 candidates from UDP, 11 from NRP, 4 from NADD and 21 independent candidates were nominated on Friday and Saturday across the country for the January 24 Local Government Elections. See our subsequent editions for the names of the opposition and Independent candidates.

Source: The Point