Murder Case Adjourned

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The murder case involving one Kahlou Conteh, a native of Baddibou Conteh, was yesterday adjourned until the 12th of February. Kahlou was charged with the murder of one Marianna Camara a resident of Bukuta.

The presiding Magistrate Kumba Succah Camara, said the reason for the adjournment is that the counsel for the accused had not appeared. She urged the Assistant Registrar to write to the master so that the State can provide him counsel for a proper defence because the accused stated clearly that he cannot afford a lawyer himself.

It will be recalled that Kahlou has been detained for three years for allegedly killing his brother Kebba Conteh.

According to the particulars of the offence Mr. Kahlou Conteh is standing trial for allegedly hitting a pregnant woman named Marianna Camara on on the head with a pestle some time in 2007 at Sukuta. Meanwhile the accused is remanded to the State Central Prison awaiting the provision of a counsel. The case is adjourned to the 12th of February.

Author: By Malamin Conteh
Source: The Point