When the party is over

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A party, according to Macmillan English Dictionary For Advanced Learners International Students Version, is a local event at which people meet to celebrate something or to have fun by eating, drinking, playing games etc. Party have long been hosted by families, friends, work places, to celebrate weddings, naming ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries, awards, examination success etc.

In The Gambia however, parties have assumed a new dimension, have become unnecessarily competitive and is characterised with extravagance, exhaubitant spending as individuals try to show off neglecting more important responsibilities like paying the rent, the children’s school fees and so on in the process. All because people try to show off with money when they don’t have but had to borrow.

Now, we must look at what happen when the party is over?

A Ghanaian poet has this to say;

 When the party is over

 And all guests gone

 You sit alone for you are left alone

 To count your loses

 And your gains, if any.

 For it’s really hard to say,

 All that is left with you

 Is a fat bill to be paid

 After it had been laid.

 You now sit in the debris

 of the left-over to reflect

 Quietly on what your guests said;

 Some said “Thank you”

 Meaning; they enjoyed

 the abundant

 Generosity of your wines and dines

 And wished you could do such

 Again soon

 Not bothering about your empty pockets,

 The ones ungratetful though,

 “Thank You”, they said too

 Really meaning you only tried

 To show off with money you don’t have

 But had to borrow.

 They not as irresponsible as you

 Will never do such foolish things.

Author: by Salieu EH. John