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Friday, July 25, 2008
I am dating a married woman


I am a young man of 26years dating a married woman of 23. She got married last February but after several discussions I was able to convince her to date me. She finally accepted the idea,and even tend to love me more than her husband. Please advice me.


Let’s forget about sentiments. Already you know what you are engaged in is what they called adultery. I believe both of you are of the same religion fate. Did you remember the ‘sharia’s stand on anyone committing this type of sin? Do you even think of it if her husband happened to know, what do you think will befall on you two. Though the husband might not do anything to you but what about if he divorces this lady, will you marry her? This is number one thing you should put into consideration, and think about endangering your life. I will not go deep but I think it is right for you to desist from this act because your continuity might lead to catastrophy. You know the reason for that. Good luck!

He betrays me


My boyfriend is one year older than I. I love him so much but he betrayed and finished with me, because people are poking their nose into our love affairs.


Well I can’t really classified this as betrayal, although you did not explain what people say about your relationship that made him to call it quit with you. Whatever the case might be try to learn one or two lessons on what has transpired between the two of you during your dating. This will help you in your next dating. So put it behind you and move forward. Good luck!

We intends to get marry


I am a girl of 21 I was dating a guy for 6 years with the promise of getting married. The major problem is our parents; they do not allow us to get married. Last year, the guy left for oversea. Since I am alone his friend wanted to step into his shoes, he proposed to me that he wanted me to marry him. I like him, should I accept or not?


Your text did not state whether you have ended the relation with your boyfriend when he was around or now that he is outside the country. Does it ever cross your mind the type of person your boyfriend’s friend is? If he’s a good friend and a reliable person I don’t think it is right for him to ask you to marry him, after your six years of being with his friend who has not ended the relationship.

Have you ever thought of self-interest, use and dump? If he surely likes you and his friend’s happiness, what step has he taken to see that you and your boyfriend, his friend’s, dream comes true. How long has this issues of him wanting to marry you been ? is it of recently, sometimes ago or before your boyfriend travel? Listen to yourself, you said you like him not love him; you never say he cares for you or makes you happy.

In a nutshell I will advice you to date and marry another man instead of him for some reasons. You are still young there are other things that you need to do for yourself now. The right man to whom your parent will give their consent, will surely come. Call for more explanation or if you are ready to answer my questions above. Good luck!

She refuses to visit me


I am four years older than my girlfriend. I love her very much and do everything she requested of me. She has never one day visited me during weekend but only when she closes from school. I am confused.


You don’t need to be confused.She is not visiting you during the weekends perhaps due to the little time she have for herself. As a serious and discipline girl, she need to help her mother to do some housework during the weekends. At the same time to study and do her school assignments. Do not abuse the opportunity she is giving you by visiting you on her way from school. How human being can be satisfied is not known yet, if she does not visit you, surely you will complain, now she visits during the week, another complains. Brother, half bread is better than none. Good luck!

She changes her religion


I am dating a girl with the same religion for the past 6 years with the promise of becoming couples. Later she converted to another religion. Should I take this as betrayal to our relation?


I think it will be better if you can find out from her what has prompted her to do this. According to the wise saying, ‘there is no smoke without fire.’ I do not want to say what you might not think of, but might be the reason, so take it as an assignment and let Lovelines hear you out, it is not a betrayal to your dating. Good luck!

He wants us to break


He is 25 while I am 22. I love him a lot and he shows me the real love. We are on this relation since 3-years back without problem until of recently when he woke up one day and said that his mum did not like him dating me so "let’s break up." I am very confused now because I definitely love him and I can’t live without him.


You have to accept it. So far he was able to tell you the truth about what her mother has told him. You have no choice because if you want to cajole or want him by all means, at the end you might not enjoy the marriage. It is better for a father-in-law to say no than a mother-in-law. So take heart, put it away from your mind a better man that will not waste time to have you beside him will surely come. Such is life. Good luck!

He doesn’t know my number


I find it very difficult to believe that my boyfriend doesn’t know my telephone number. He doesn’t call or text me still he claims to love me.


There is nothing impossible. He might be the type that doesn’t like chatting on the phone. Beside he might have no access to telephone or mobile telephone. But if he does have one asks him why he refuses to call or text you. Let him know that you cherish his call and text. From his answers you will know if he is saying the truth or not. Good luck!

He works a lot and cares little


My boyfriend works a lot and cares about me a little. But I love him deeply.


First, I want you to know that a lot of fellows nowadays have a B.A., M.D. or Ph.D unfortunately they don’t have J.O.B. So give thanks to Almighty Allah that he has one. It is a matter of time he will surely care for you if you play your part through the right channel. According to Thomas Carlyle ‘blessed is he who has found his work. Let him ask no other blessedness.’ Note that ‘men for the sake of getting a living forget to live,’ Margaret Fuller said this. Part of the other blessedness is you. Therefore, it is you that will try to challenge and unwind him. That’s to let him care about you lies in your two hands. Call Lovelines if you don’t understand this. Good luck!


I have been in love with a lady for 8 good years before she got married to a white man who presently resides in Europe. She has called me about four to five times since she travelled and we always discuss about marriage. But for sometime now she has stopped calling me, while I have found someone that I love and we are ready to tie the knot.


I will like to correct you since she got married the love between two of you has been off the track. Getting down to your text I do not know why you are still waiting for her, because for no reason you should not expect her to divorce her husband and marry you. So face your newfound love if you want to really settle down. Forget about old and a dreamt promise, because a bird in the hand worth two thousand in the bush. Good luck!

She wants us to quit the relation


My girlfriend wants us to call it quit because her friend is interested in me. Her friend makes thing worst because she told my girlfriend that we are dating before her. This has caused grudges between the two of them.


Well killing two birds at the same time with a stone always results in vain. You should have come out plainly and tell the truth than hiding behind a finger. If it is true that you have nothing to do with your girlfriend’s friend you will find it very easy to convince her and make her see the truth ,but if you want to play double game between them, it might be

difficult for you. Sincerely, if you don’t have skeleton in your cupboard explains to your girlfriend everything you know about her friend, she will surely listen and accept you back. Remember the truth and nothing but the truth. Good luck!

He is coaxing me


My guy always coax me each time I visits him in spite that he knows what he wants from me cannot be possible by now. Although I am crazy about him, what can I do?


What you can do is to remain firm in your decision. Do not fall into her coaxing mouth because he is only seeking for his own interest. In love we should not only look for self-interest but also what will benefit both partners. So tell him if he loves you ‘he should try to wait for you.’ Good luck!

I don’t know if it is my turn


There is a girl that I can’t count on how many times I approached her within the past three years. She always pushed and pulled me up and down until she got impregnated. Now that she has delivered the pregnancy she now have time for me. Is this my turn after the wasted years.


It might be your time if you love her and have no choice. If you still love her and satisfied with the way she does attend to you when you were chasing her fine let the ball rols on. But if you have choice and not ready to eat reminiscent make her a friend and becomes her good adviser. It is your game love is blind. However let it be at the backside of your mind that any day she sees her match she will leave you again. Good luck!

She is having another boyfriend


There is a girl I am interested in but she said it is impossible for us to date because she is having a boyfriend.


She does not love me


I expressed my feeling to a lady she turned me down but each time she sees me with another girl she feels jealous.


Her parents doesn’t wants us together


I am dating a girl but the parents don’t want to see us together and I can’t do without her.


Mohammed, Sam and Demba dating is not a do or die affair if a lady or man is not interested in you quit. But if she sees you with another person surely, she will like to be with you. But that time it might be too late. So forget about a lady who does not love you and try your luck somewhere else. Also if you are dating a girl and her parents are giving you problems , the earlier you quit the relation the better, to avoid a controversial dating and emotional crack. Good luck!

Author: by Yunus S. Saliu