Lovelines: The return of a betrayal

Friday, July 25, 2008

I dated a man for five years before he telephoned me one day to turn me down. Many men came my way and asked for my hands in
marriage, when I was dating him but I rejected all of them because of the love I had for him. And each time I  tell him, he
will replied ‘please don’t betray me.’during this five years relationship he was posted to the province and comes on weekends
only,  unknowing to me that he was dating someone secretely over there, despite his several sweet talks and marriage
assurances. As time pass bye he started to change while I thought it was a job stress.

One day he let the cat out of the bag, he told me that we can’t continue because he has found someone to marry. Beside people
told him that I am not serious. In his fourth month of marriage he told me that he wanted to divorce his wife because he does
not love her and marrying her was an accident and a big mistake as well..  I still love him but considering the pain I have
gone through when he left me for another woman I got confused.


This is the return of a betrayal. I will not lie to you, if a man can turn you down for another woman after five years of
good dating without reasonable excuse.  With the exception of saying that you are not serious, I think it is glaring enough
for you to know that such a man lacks decision if it is true he was told that you are not serious.  I for one know that no
matter what, he will not marry you but want you as a succor to what is currently absent in his life. What made him thought
that you are serious now? Take note, immediately he found another lady in his life you will be out. So consider this man as
the last academic textbook and go for a seasonal book that will be readable in your life.  Because once beaten twice shy.
Good luck!

Author: by Yunus S. Saliu