More messages for president jammeh

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Congratulatory messages on the 14 anniversary of the July 22nd revolution continue to flock into State House, the latest coming in from Gambians residing in the country.

Mr John P Bojang

Mr Bojang wrote: As you celebrate the  14th anniversary of the July 22nd revolution of The Gambia, please, accept my congratulation, commendation and sincere gratitude for having risked your life and normal fulfilment of your youth, to give all Gambians hope for a better future and pride in our nation.

On your acension to power, you inherited national coffers that were too depleted to be able to support even our basic needs; but, energized by your solid commitment, and ordained by divine will, which can convert a dead arid desert into a productive and luxurious habitat where diverse fauna and flora can flourish, you have transformed The Gambia into a land of new life and hope as well as a heaven on earth for Gambians and a haven for all humanity, where even wild animals, birds and vegetation have felt the transformation.

This clearly demonstrates that it is not the lack of or meagreness of resources that fails nations but the inappropriate attitudes of the people that manage them.  By your vision, wisdom, commitment and result-oriented leadership, you have shown that patriotism is a pragmatic application of one’s talents to save a nation from destructive Satan-driven influences and to embrace every proactive means that creates and promotes peace, prosperity, security and national pride, which all Gambians experience today.

Since 1994, you have consistently convinced everyone of your reliability and credibility and have consequently infused new life into every sector, community and interest of this country.  

As a sign of gratitude and support for your unusual development efforts to achieve the freedom and well-being of all and sundry in this country, praises resonate incessantly in every community.  Even babies cherish your love intuitively and hum your name melodiously on their mothers’ backs and bosoms.

“Your benevolence and the secret of self-reliance that you have revealed to Gambians, the diverse educational facilities you have brought to everyone’s doorstep to eradicate illiteracy and ignorance from this land, as well as the numerous modern health facilities you are rebuilding everywhere and providing quality services almost free of charge in consideration of the sick and poor, will, among uncountable other things, remain indelible in people’s memories.  Your extraordinary condescension to intervene in health with traditional medicine to save lives by personally engaging and defeating a diversity of awesome diseases declared internationally as unyielding, has made you an exceptional president of love the world over, to the pride of all Gambians.

Due to your magnetism, The Gambia has become more visible, more respectable and more attractive to the region and to the international community who have now made The Gambia a consultant, an indispensable partner in important regional and global affairs and a convergence place for many international [fora], previously unheard of.

Your Excellency, since it is attitude that builds up or breaks down a nation more easily than anything else, it is imperative that this nation continues to prioritise attitudinal transformation at all levels of our society if all the wonders that you and your government have and continue to achieve are to remain with us after the blessed era of miraculous development ends.  

Gambians will remember you more not only for the beautiful physical structures you are building, but more importantly, for the invisible patriotism infrastructure that you infuse in their hearts and attitudes to be able to continue to work and preserve The Gambia in a perfect shape till posterity.

I pray that Allah will bless and guide you to success in your cumbersome and very demanding task of bringing reformation, reorientation and salvation to all Gambians so that we can together transform our country into the land of our collective pride.  I wish that Allah will protect The Gambia in his lasting fortress, fill it with abundance of good and preserve you in wisdom and blissful longevity to be able to completely fulfil your mission for humanity, as ordained by our creator and to his supreme glory.

Abdou Kadir Kanagie

The executive and the general membership of Almadina Foundation for Education and Relief also sent a congratulatory message to President Jammeh, on the 14th anniversary celebrations of the 22nd July revolution. The message reads:

“Your Excellency, we have been so much sincere and pleased with you, since the beginning of your leadership.  With the rapid development taking place in the country, we, in our organiztion, have noticed that the status of our flag has been rising to a higher height, with a lot of achievements.

Your Excellency, we are praying for you, for the Almighty Allah to guide you in pursuance of your aims and objectives. Your Excellency, on behalf of the executive and general members, we wish you to attend many more 22nd July celebrations in order for your dreams to be completed. We wish you good luck, long life and progress in whatever you wish in your life.

Author: DO