UTSCO eases transportation problem

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Transport difficulties faced by people, especially those in the Greater Banjul Area, became history since the inauguration of the new bus transport company called; Universal Transport Systems Company (UTSCO).

The Daily Observer went out and about from Banjul to Westfield, on to Brikama, to sound the opinion of the people on the impact of UTSCO on their lives. Below is an excerpt of the views of some passengers.

Adama Sarr: “We thank God for giving us such an opportunity.  We really welcome the UTSCO, as it is greatly helping us; the fact that transport fares are now reasonable.”

Madina Sowe: “I am very happy with this bus company because they have relieved us of the transport difficulties we used to face and their fares are very cheap.”

Abdou Ceesay: “The buses are here to ease our transport difficulties; I thank the government of the president for such an initiative, which is of great national interest.”

Isatou Jobarteh, a student at St Therese’s Upper Basis School: “I like joining the bus because it is fast, reliable and can easily take me home, unlike the other commercial vehicles.

With the UTSCO bus, I pay only D5, from my home in Latrikunda Sabiji to St. Therese’s; unlike owners of other vehicles, which charge between D6 and D7.
Patrick T Mendy, GNA personnel: “I will say a big thank you to the people of the bus company who provided this excellent transport service for us. These buses are here to ease our transport difficulties.  

We have been facing a lot of transport difficulties from the commercial vehicle drives (van drivers). Sometimes, they will charge you double fares, but since the establishment of this bus company, all the nonsense have stopped, because people are now using the UTSCO buses most of the times.

I think the management of the bus company should also make identification on the buses to show which one of them is going to Banjul, Westfield, Tabokoto and Brikama, for the benefit of its passengers’.

Essa Jatta, chief cook at the RVTH: “We are very happy with the establishment of this bus transport system.  The buses are fast, reliable and they charge reasonable fares. I thanked the government of the Gambia, under the leadership of President Jammeh, for such a good initiative.  I also want to thank the management of the UTSCO”.

Lamin Tamba, a bus conductor: “These buses are very good and they are here for the people; we, the conductors, are dealing directly with the passengers, but we are not facing any problem from them.”

Ismaila Nyassi, bus driver: “The buses are very good and they are helping the passengers.  I work from 6:00am to 9:00pm or beyond, depending on the traffic condition.  The only problem I faced is that the passengers don’t want to organise themselves when they are entering the bus.  

They should form a line and enter gently, to make work easier for us.”
Baboucarr Sallah, a bus driver: “I am very happy with the coming of these buses because they are really helping the people.  I thank the management and all those supporting the bus company for their efforts.”

Author: by Assan Sallah