Pranic healing takes root in Gambia

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
The West African Pranic Healing Foundation - The Gambia, concluded, on Sunday, a three-day workshop on Pranic healing techniques at its main office in Bijilo, Western Region.

The aim of the workshop was to spread the priceless teachings to both urban and rural areas in the West African Region and to ensure uniformity and purity of teaching, as well as to maintain strict quality control over all courses as the Pranic healing courses follow a standard syllabus in more than 100 countries such as USA, Malaysia, Dubai , Ghana and The Gambia among others.

Srikanth Jois, a trainer and Pranic healer, expounded significantly on Pranic healing and its benefits to humanity. According to him, Pranic healing is an ancient science and art not only destined to heal the whole physical body but also to enhance the healing process of the body by increasing the life energy on the affected part or parts.

Scientifically, he said, scientists with the help of Kirlian photography have rediscovered the energy body which keeps the physical body healthy and alive. As such, any disturbance in the energy body can manifest as a physical ailment. The energy required in Pranic healing can be measured because healthy people have more energy which is on balance while sick people have less energy without balance.

He noted that through scientific methods, the healer can inject the sick person using two main methods, energising and cleansing. He then added that this experiment was conducted on plants, stones and on tablets.

For her part, Reyes Jallow, president of West African Pranic Healing Foundation - The Gambia branch, seized the opportunity to highlight the importance of the workshop, noting that it was basically meant to relay and spread information about Pranic healing, which, he said, does not undermine the traditional healing as this totalises the techniques to be used to help and energise the patient’s bioplasmatic body. As Pranic healers, they both hailed President Jammeh for his magnanimous traditional healing.

Eva Wagner, a medical practitioner, who has been residing in The Gambia for 18 years, has now embraced Pranic healing. She spoke at length on the simplicity of the healing adding it is easy to learn and that any healthy person with average intelligence and an open mind can learn. She reminded the participants of the necessity to spread the knowledge and make good use of it.

Lamin Camara, a minor Pranic healer emphasised that Pranic healing is not intended to replace allopatric persist, but rather to complement it. He added that Pranic healers are not medical doctors but medical doctors can be Pranic healers. They also do not make medical diagnosis and should not prescribe medical treatments, he noted.

The West African Pranic Foundation - The Gambia will hold a free Pranic healing session on August 30th 2008 from 10.00am - 6.00pm.

Author: by Bekai Njie