WHAT’S ON: Jali Kebba shines in Europe As he ends tour of Europe

Friday, August 29, 2008
Jali Kebba, aka Young Jaliba has described his current tour of Europe as a successful musical adventure as he had the chance to make contacts, as well as promote African culture to that part of the world.

After staging inspirational concerts in a number of countries including Holland, Germany, Austria and Belgium, Jali Kebba is now set for a Banjul trip sometime this week.

He staged his first European concert in Holland and then to Germany, Austria, and Belgium where the young Kora sensation received warm welcome from European music enthusiasts.

According to him, his recent tour of Europe was meant to expose him to that part of the world. His ongoing tour has been described by many as a good start for the young budding Kora star, as it will enable him to hit the international spotlight.

“I traveled to Holland last June for a similar Kora workshop which gave me wonderful exposure. During that trip, I made good contacts for my musical future. Later on, I proceeded to Austria. There I met other professional musicians like Tommy Nawratil from Austria, Mamadou Diabate from Burkino Faso, some Indian artists and Hajo Madagascar from the island of Madagascar,” he said.

According to him, he had the chance to perform alongside Mamadou and Hajo in a luxury club called the Jass Club Birdland  situated in the Austrian city of  Vienna.

“It was a big and successful concert. Back in Holland I visited musical friends like the Band Hotel from Amsterdam (Holland). They played during a big African festival called Polé Polé Festival in Gent (Belgium). The stage was built on the water and many people came to see them playing. This performance was a big success too,” he added.

The Gambia’s sprouting Kora star further revealed that he will embark on a similar European tour next summer with Mamadou Diabate and his band adding that he played at the Chialas, an African Festival in Graz, Austria.

“The organizers of the festival also invited me to participate in the summer of 2009 festival. During my European visit, I visited Fabakary Jobarteh from The Gambia, who is active in the social life in Solingen (Germany) to promote the African culture among children and disabled people,” he said.

Jali Kebba is expected back home on 29th of August, 2008.

Author: by Sheriff Janko