Count Down To Brufut Marathon Run

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Editor,
As the count down to the 15th annual Brufut Marathon Run gears up, please allow me space in your widely read newspaper to call on the public to participate in the event. I would like to inform the runners and cyclists that they need to train hard and not force themselves into the game.

The reward for their hard work will eventually pay dividend as they would be awarded with medals, certificates and cash prizes as well as bags of rice.

Above all, they would live a healthy life if they continue to train for the run. Sportsmen and women need to keep training to enable them live a productive lifestyle

Some of the objectives of BMRA are to engage young people in sports, create awareness on certain sensitive issues affecting the lives of people and support communities. More than 360 students have been sponsored by Brufut Marathon Run Association since its inception.

The topics for this year’s marathon is‘Run against Malaria’ as the scourge of malaria needs greater awareness in The Gambia. Malaria constitutes the highest rate of dead in sub-Sahara Africa, including our beloved country. Whoever participates in this year’s event will certainly contribute to awareness creation.

BMRA wishes to take positive steps with government authority and all concerned bodies to help sensitise the public on the dangers posed by malaria.

Sponsors are invited to help BMRA in its campaign on Malaria eradication in The Gambia. Concerted efforts are needed to help Gambia government fight malaria.

“Run against Malaria” will no doubt generate public interest in the fight against malaria. Your support and participation is kindly solicited to make the event a success story.

Author: Mamudou Max Jallow, International Relation Officer