May Day Sports to be Celebrated Tomorrow

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Labour departments in The Gambia will join the rest of the world to celebrate world labour day. In The Gambia, Workers from all sectors of life will convene at the Independence Stadium on Friday to take part in Major sporting events as part of activities marking the day.

As a day set aside as public holiday throughout the world for workers to come together and discuss some of their constraints and challenges facing them in their work places.

In The Gambia workers from different departments with distinctive tracksuits cluster at the main sporting arena in the country at the Independence Stadium to partake in different sporting disciplines to play their quota  in the day.

May Day is a day set aside for employees and their employers recognise a day for them to sit down and iron out some of the touching issues impeding work environment and the life conditions of the workers themselves and make recommendations to harness smooth running of the work.

The event in The Gambia organise by The Gambia National Olympic Committee, will begin with a march pass from Sait Matty Junction to the Independence Stadium and in the afternoon representatives of various departments will compete in athletics, tug of war, shot put, climbing the greasy pole, musical chairs and other popular events. 

Source: Picture: George Gomez