Njogou Demba Soccer Academy Sets Aims

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Njogou Demba Soccer Academy, which was launched last month, has set their aims of achieving the best ever Soccer Academy in The Gambia.

According to Njogou Demba, one of Gambia’s most renowned professional players, the academy has set eight main aims for the development of youth football in the country.

The Gambian forward, who has played four international games for the country in the ongoing Africans Qualifiers, wants to end the problem of Gambian football.

Below are the aims and objectives of the Academy

To encourage, support and introduce the game of football through the academy.

To establish and integrate economic, social and cultural relationship with other academy as well as other associations related to the game of Football.

To motivate and mobilize the athletes to be self-confident, participate and self deceptive in the game of football.

To provide the requisite basic knowledge to the athletes especially in the game of football.

To vigorously protect the athletes against all vices such as early sex, crime, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and all other vices that will detrimental to the developing of their knowledge in the game of football.

To harvest and expose their talents in order for them to become national and international players.

To provide guidelines for the athletes especially during there membership of the academy and if possible after the membership.

To be able to produce talented athletes in the near future in order to enable the academy to register and participate in the national Gambia Football Association (GFA) competitions.

Author: By Ida Jallow
Source: The Point