Artist painting at SOS Children’s Village

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Herbert Wallner, a renowned Austrian artist and winner of the Guinness Book of World’s Record 2006, said he has displayed his award-winning artistic painting at the SOS Children Village in Bakoteh.

According to him, he is making the highest painting in the world, that suppose to be his second prize in the Guinness Book of World Record. He then noted that the proceeds will be given to the SOS Children Village-The Gambia.

The Autrian born renowned artist made these remarks at a private viewing of his artistic works, held in the conference hall of the SOS Village Training Production Centre in Bakoteh.

Mr Herbert spoke about his resolve to promote the idea of intercultural link by bringing different cultures of the world together. “The painting on display exclusively portrait the spirit of love, peace and unity in the world,” he added.

He therefore urged people to comport themselves with the above virtues.

He said he came to The Gambia to make the highest painting in the world, which will be his second prize in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Elissbeth Prommer, Personnel Assistant to the Austrian artist, revealed that the highest painting of the world will be finished by Match 2008.

Mrs Prommer noted that the highest painting of in the world is done in a small country like “The Gambia”, otherwise called the Smiling Coast of Africa. ”The Gambia is truly the Smiling Coast of Africa. We came to realise this fact, through our short stay in the country. The people are warm, hospitable, and lovely,” she said.

She also emphasised the need for unity, peace and love in the world. “The purpose of making the painting in The Gambia is part of their resolve to interact with Africa and her people. We want to feel and get in touch with diverse African cultures, share ideas and promote peaceful inter-cultural dialogue in the world”, she added.

Oumou Tall, Regional Administrative Secretary and Public Relations Officer (PRO) at the SOS Kinderdorf International Office North West Africa, expressed sincere gratitude to the Austrian artist and his assistant for choosing the SOS Children Village.

She explained the works of SOS Children Villages, throughout the world, and The Gambia, in particular.

According to her, the donation of proceeds from the painting will greatly help the SOS projects, and then urged Gambians and non-Gambians alike to render support to the Austrian artist, in order to achieve his mission in the world, especially for children and mothers.

The occasion was attended by senior officials from bothgovernment and private sector, arts-lovers and the general public.

Author: Written by Sanna Jawara
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper