Pa Sallah Jeng Opts out of Banjul Mayoral Elections

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

His Court Acquittal Notwithstanding

Pa Sallah Jeng, the suspended Mayor of Banjul who was last week acquitted of the charges brought against him by the state, has ruled against taking part in the forthcoming local government election for the Banjul mayorship scheduled for January 24 2008.

Speaking in an interview with this reporter yesterday, Mr Jeng disclosed that after his acquittal he was approached by many people who tried to encourage him to vie for the post. However, he said, after consultation with his family members and close associates, “I wouldn’t consider to participate in the local government elections,” adding that the consequences of his experiences and ordeal have taken precedence in the final decision on the matter.

Mr Jeng stated that it is not as if he took the decision deliberately but that he has been forced by circumstances to do so. He therefore expressed the belief that people would fully understand his decision.

Commenting on the recent judgement on the protracted case against him, Mr Jeng said he was not the least surprised by being acquitted, adding: “Since in the beginning of the case I knew that I would be innocent.”

In conclusion, he thanked all those who stood by him during the course of his trial.

Author: By Pa Modou Faal
Source: The Point