Ebrima J.T. Kujabi Bags Diplomatic Appointment

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Highly placed sources have intimated that Mr. Ebrima J.T. Kujabi, Director of Press and Public Relations (DPPR) at the Office of the President, has been appointed as Deputy Head of Mission in the United States of America.

According to the sources, Mr. Kujabi was appointed to the post a fortnight ago and he is to be responsible for all the Information and Cultural Affairs at the Gambian Embassy. This latest development will make Mr. Kujabi the youngest Gambian diplomat in recent times.

Mr. Kujabi is credited by many in media circles as one of the finest to hold the position of DPPR in the Jammeh administration.

Fast on the way to becoming multilingual on account of his fluency in French and reasonable but growing understanding of Arabic, Mr. Kujabi worked at the Daily Observer as News Editor and Chief State House Correspondent. He was also a leading columnist of Bantaba and Tourisphere and head of the Society and Public Affairs desk at the paper.

He also served as Publicity Secretary and News Editor at the Patriot newspaper of APRC before moving on to Gambia Ports Authority as Communications and Public Relations Director and as Terminal Manager. In addition he was the Principal Revenue Controller until his recent appointment.

It is not yet clear as to who will replace Mr. Kujabi as DPPR at the State House but a senior official told The Point:  “I don’t think we will have somebody like JT Kujabi at the State House. The guy is brilliant, just exceptional. I really hold him in the highest regard because he is young and has respect for his elders despite his position. I have no doubt he will always raise the flag of The Gambia high.”

At the Department of State for Foreign Affairs an official, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed the story and said: “JT, in fact, started reporting here for training on diplomatic issues and foreign affairs. All I can say is Mr. Kujabi is intelligent and is picking everything up very quickly. He is obedient and gentle and these are pillars of diplomacy.”

When contacted to shed light on the story, Mr. Kujabi was not available for immediate comments. 

Source: The Point