I have a Master Plan to Develop Banjul - Samba Faal

Friday, January 25, 2008

The APRC-sponsored candidate for the upcoming Mayoral election in Banjul, Samba Faal, has told the people of Banjul that the key to ensuring the development of the city is the large turn-out of the electorate to massively vote for the APRC candidates in both the Mayoral and councillorship elections, reassuring that in that event Banjul would be transformed into a modern city.

Speaking in an interview with The Point’s yesterday, he stated that already he had a master plan for the development of the city which, according to him, is in operation, adding that it would be complementary to the Gambia government Vision 2020 blueprint. “We plan to make the council to be proactive and development- oriented,” he stated.

The ex-Mayor and Secy for Youth and Sports pointed out that if elected he would render services to the people and that their number one internal priority would be to encourage partnership with the private sector while, on the external front, exploring partnerships with development agencies. He said that a council under his leadership would also establish twinning partnerships with other cities around the world.

He promised that if elected together with his councillors, he would strengthen and expand the revenue base of the council and also ensure that taxes are properly utilised for the development of the city.

He concluded that his plans would include a strategy to approach the central government to assist in areas where the council encounters limitations. 

Author: By Pa Modou Faal
Source: The Point